Friday, March 18, 2011

Do something Friday

Make a plan to breathe, my friends!  We have had some beautiful sunrises the last couple days.  The moon is huge at night!!  The air is warmer and the birds are back and singing about spring.

How many of these things have you noticed?

Your task for the weekend:

Plan on taking your first cup of coffee (or whatever powers your day) while mindfully appreciating some spring-focused natural phenomenon.  So...if your an early riser, plant yourself in front of the window and watch the colors of the sky as the sun rises.

If you find yourself sleeping in, take your coffee or OJ out to the deck and appreciate the bird song.

And as you're appreciating nature, take the extra time to appreciate the warmth of the mug in your hands, the flavor of the drinks, the way the steam rises up.

There's so much to notice about the activities we engage in every day.  Bring some awareness to them this weekend!

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