Friday, May 27, 2011

Do something Friday

They say trust is the basis for all good relationships.  I'm going to amend that to trust is the basis for all relationships.  If the foundational trust is broken, the relationship with have serious fault lines.  The quality of trust defines the relationship.

As adults, we can see how this is true in interpersonal relationships --  it's exhausting to be in those relationships that lack trust between the participants.  Especially when one is trying to dominate the other.

But what about the intra-personal relationship you have with your body.  How is the trust there?  Do you feel like it is just waiting to betray you at first opportunity?  Do you nag at it out of fear of its behaviors (cravings to eat that whole cake or the extra steak you cooked for tomorrow)?    Do you rebel against your common sense and try to starve it into submission?  Do you make it perform under harrowing conditions (nothing but cabbage soup for the month while you exercise 4 hours a day because you are unhappy with the way it looks)?

Do you trust that if you build good communication skills, it will tell you when you're hungry and when you're full?  That it will guide you day to day in your calorie intake?

It will.  If you listen and start building dialogue and rapport with it.

Unlike other relationships, you are stuck with this one.  There is no walking away this time.  And although, you can make it "behave" for a while, much like other relationships, when one partner is exerting full force all the time, the other partner eventually gives up trying to please.

The good news is, since you are stuck with the body you have, it will never be too late to start working on that relationship.  Learn to listen to the feedback you are getting from it.  Are you eating too much (probably or you wouldn't be reading this blog)?

How does eating to much actually make your physical body feel?  Sluggish, full, bloated, extended??? 

How does it make your mind feel?  Guilty, comforted, numb??

Whatever you feel, start listening.  Start building that relationship of trust.  You are stuck with this body -- you don't get a new one.  Even a thinner one is still the same body that's just a different shape.  If you don't learn to trust it in the times of plenty, how are you going to trust it in the lean times?

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