Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use yourself up

I just read an interesting post from Brooke Castillo's  blog.  She was talking about being a work-horse, "using herself up", and asking the question:

Where did we get the idea that it is good to make very little effort?

Somewhere along the line it seems we have lost sight of the goal of what it means to be alive, to be a contribution.

To me, that means using myself up. It means, when I die, I will have laid it all out.

Not in a struggle, beat myself up kind of way, but in a show up and deliver and love and work like a dog kind of way.

And I'm going to put forth the idea that we all fall into the "it is good to make very little effort" trap sometimes  -- especially with weight management.  We tend to look enviously at those who seem to never have to pay attention to what they eat -- those we never see exercising and stay at a healthy weight.

But you know what??  It's not that easy.  And those that seemingly skate through life still have to work at it some times.   I mean you actually think they aren't struggling with something?  We're all too smart to actually believe that fairy tale, aren't we?

Life is about work -- you might be fortunate enough to enjoy that work most of the time (or maybe you don't )-- but don't kid yourself, it's still work.

Putting the effort into something has value and meaning -- don't sell yourself short. up and deliver and love and work like a dog!

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