Friday, May 6, 2011

Do something (or today, it's don't do) something Friday

Today is International No Diet Day!! 

International No Diet Day Goals
  • To celebrate natural body diversity
  • To promote positive body image and self-esteem in people of all shapes and sizes
  • To advocate for non-restrictive, healthy eating patterns and non-punitive physical activities for everyBODY
  • To challenge cultural attitudes and values that contribute to body hatred, weight preoccupation, and eating disorders
  • To encourage positive, body-diverse images throughout the media
  • To increase awareness of the dangers of weight-loss dieting and the social, emotional and physical consequences of food-, size-, and weight-obsessions
  • To educate the public about the dangers of weight-loss surgery, diet drugs, and size-biased medical treatment
  • To work for an end to weight discrimination, size abuse and fatphobia
For more on INDD, click here!


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