Monday, May 2, 2011

I don't know if any of you have noticed....

At the bottom of posts, I categorize them -- so that if you wanted to read all the ones about the Eating Scale, you could see how many there were and read them all.

Have you noticed how many of them I have labeled "mindsets" and sometimes more specifically "weight loss mindsets"?  It is the single biggest tag category.  In case you are a numbers person:

Weight loss mindsets: 105 posts
Mindsets: 87 posts
Know yourself: 42 posts
Seth Godin (who I love!):18 posts

What's this say about weight loss?  Well, apparently, I think it's all in our heads.  Our mindsets, habits and patterns are either working for us or working against us.  Change a few of those working against us and our weight changes for the positive too. 

Where are you going to start?  As Seth says, "Go make something happen"  !!!

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