Friday, May 20, 2011

Do something Friday

Steven Pressfield is talking about resistance, addiction and the higher-self.  The whole post is fabulous and I highly recommend you head on over there right now for a quick read with an eye toward how his words describe your eating behaviours.

To get you started, here is his thought on Resistance (or the Lizzie, as we call it here):

"...Resistance wants you to go back to sleep, meaning remain unconscious. Resistance is always selling the easy way, the shortcut, the cheap shot. Resistance urges the artist/addict to slack off from, to sidestep, to avoid, to run away from, to not do. It wants you and me to stay shallow, to remain superficial, to continue unfocussed and uncommitted; to accept mediocrity, to avoid pain, to back away from the fight...."

I expect better from you.  Don't give in to resistance this weekend.  Be compassionate with yourself, listen to your body, and fuel it accordingly.

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