Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thinking for yourself

It's been a busy, weird week at work.  All the usual stuff needs to be done but around here, we've been getting ready for the Run for the Health of It, the first ever Kalamazoo Marathon, and in my case, the Kids Fun Run.

While I have been a part of the Fun Run in the past, it's always been the "show up and be told what to do" kind of help I was giving.  No need to really think for myself -- Becky or Deb would point me in a direction and tell me what to do -- easy peasy -- no brain cells required in advance and not that many needed to complete the assigned task -- just follow directions.

This year's a little different since Deb is not going to be able to be at the Fun Run.  This week she's been prepping me for the million things she does for the Fun Run -- and I'm supposed to remember it all.  And then execute it when it actually needs to be done!! 

Have you noticed how much work it is having to think for yourself?  If you just have to follow directions:

a. it requires not real thought on the do-er's part
b. you don't stress too much because if it doesn't work out, you always have someone else to take the fall -- after all, they told you what to do!

That's one reason, I think diets are so appealing to so many people.  All you've got to do is follow directions -- and if it doesn't work, you have someone else to blame.

But the downside of showing up and being told what to do is there's not that much room for making the project or event your own.  No pride of ownership because you didn't have to problem solve or be creative. 

So it really comes down to:  are you willing to work through issues, problem solve and be creative to make an eating lifestyle that you can live with?  Or are you going to take the easy, less satisfying, and shorter lasting diet way out??

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